Introduction: FitLab Bike Fitting

FitLab Bike Fitting by ATA Cycle guarantees a perfect fit between rider and bike whether you bring in your existing machine or purchase a new one

The FitLab at ATA Cycle is a suite of cutting edge tools and techniques for ensuring proper frame and component selection, and increasing each rider’s power, comfort, and control on the bike. While various fitting techniques and tools have been around for a long time, exciting new technologies have increased the potential for well trained and experienced bicycle fit technicians to eliminate guesswork and provide enhanced comfort, power and control for any rider with access to services such as the FitLab provides.

First we start with fit

Our fit technicians have measured, advised, and served thousands of riders seeking greater comfort, power and control while out on the road. Some of our customers are leisure riders, others commuters, and still others ride for intense fitness benefits and at high levels of competition, including Jarrod Shoemaker who represented the United States in the triathlon discipline at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Fit starts with you

Our system works so well because rider feedback is at the heart of the FitLab process. The documentation produced by the FitLab suite of software provides us with a permanent record of the rider’s precise position on the bike at the end of the process. With this amazingly detailed set of data points as reference, our expert fit technicians are able to diagnose and discuss the sensations associated with incremental modifications to the fit geometry. This process takes time, focus, and experience. It works because of the dedication and expertise of our personnel, motivated by the satisfaction of improving the cycling experience of countless customers, friends, and athletes.

The best bike—is a bike that fits

At ATA Cycle, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND selecting a bike frame based on the detailed fitting assessment generated by the first two phases of the FitLab process. Selecting a frame based on the brand name, percieved bargain pricing, style, color, or any other factor, prior to receiving a scientific fit assessment, is usually a HUGE mistake. The differences in frame geometry between similarly sized frames can be subtle, but WILL have dramatic consequences on your ability to maximize COMFORT, POWER and HANDLING thorough proper fit. Most retailers fit primarily for COMFORT, as that is the shortest route to a sale, but rarely results in a fitting which also optimizes POWER and HANDLING. That is why we developed the FitLab — to establish a detailed, efficient protocol for first SELECTING the proper frame geometry, and then optimizing ALL aspects of the rider’s experience.

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