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ATA Cycle and ATA FitLab are proudly recognized in the performance biking and fitting communities as one of the best in the Boston area and beyond:

We use the best technology to insure a perfect bike fitting between rider and bike


A fully instrumented and dynamically adjustable stationary bike for optimisation of biomechanical efficiency.

BTS Bioengineering

BTS infared cameras are used by doctors, researchers, and NASA engineers to capture data reliably for kinematic studies involving human anatomy. You can also find such technology in use at ATA Cycle.


Dartfish Motion analysis. Real-time video tracking of your pedaling dynamics. They are the world leader in video based analysis for performance enhancement.


This 3D motion capture system utilizes software that monitors and measures the varying angles and distances between the markers. It is also can be used to measure a bike.

Guru DFU

Guru’s Dynamic Fit Unit and their Bike Discovery software are a highly effective combination that adjusts using remotely activated motors with a wide range of motion. Each adjustment can be input with percision to reach a correct fit.


One of the systems we use in our bike fitting assessment is the Retul Vantage 3D Motion Capture system. The cameras captures the rider from different angles, effectively creating a three dimensional view of the rider.

Our Mission is to enable you to ride: longer, faster, smoother, more often, with more pleasure, less pain. This all starts with a good bicycle fit. ATA Cycle represents the international cycling tradition which for over 150 years has made planet Earth a better place to live for millions of people. There are so many things to love about cycling, and we recognize that you can’t enjoy any of them without the right bike.

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Expert Services

Tune Ups: starting at $79.00 (includes Complete Brake Adjustment, Complete Gear Adjustment, Lube Chain and Gears, Inflate Tires, Minor Wheel Trueing, Adjustment of headset, bottom bracket, and wheel bearings, Complete Safety Inspection) read more »

A Perfect Fit

A perfect fit occurs when your weight is properly distributed on the bike fore and aft, the contact points of feet, saddle and hands are in the correct relationship, and your cleats are positioned such that you are capable of developing maximum power with maximum comfort and optimal handling. read more »

Club Rides

ATA is conveniently located in Concord, at the heart of some of the area’s most beautiful long rides. Joining a local riding club is a great way to enjoy the best cycling the region has to offer. read more »

ATA Cycle guarantees a perfect fit between rider and bike whether you bring in your existing machine or purchase a new one

The FitLAb at ATA Cycle is a suite of cutting edge tools and techniques for ensuring proper frame and component selection, and increasing each rider’s power, comfort, and control on the bike. While various fitting techniques and tools have been around for a long time, exciting new technologies have increased the potential for well trained and experienced bicycle fit technicians to eliminate guesswork and provide enhanced comfort, power and control for any rider with access to services such as the FitLab provides.